Tomato puree

How to prepare the tomato sauce

In preparing the passata, the type of tomato used counts a lot, not for nothing are varieties specially designed to be used as a sauce. On Orto Da Coltivare you will find some useful advice on growing tomatoes and choosing the variety. Choose the ripe tomatoes at the right point (they must not be overly ripe), wash them and check them carefully eliminating any bruised part. Remove the stalk and cut them into large pieces. Collect them all in a very large pot and cook over medium heat for about 30-40 minutes, until they are completely pulped.

Turn off the heat and pass the tomatoes through a vegetable mill to remove the skin and seeds. Collect the filtered puree in a pot, salt it lightly, if you want you can also leave it natural. Put it back on the heat for another 40 minutes, or at least until the sauce has reached a fairly thick consistency.

Transfer the puree into jars or previously sterilized glass bottles, leaving a couple of centimeters from the edge. Close the caps and proceed with the pasteurization of the jars of sauce for 30-40 minutes from boiling, depending on the size of the bottles.

When the bottles have cooled completely, remove them from the water and check that the vacuum has formed: otherwise, repeat the pasteurization. Double-check the bottles of tomato sauce after a day and if they do not show any anomalies and the vacuum has been maintained, you can place them in the pantry and use them as needed.

Variations to the classic tomato sauce

The basic recipe for tomato puree can be customized, with some precautions.

  • Basil. You can add a few basil leaves to the sauce: for a safe preservation it is important to acidify the leaves in water and vinegar for a few seconds and let them dry before putting them in the bottles with the sauce.
  • Variety of tomatoes. The most used tomatoes for the passata are the San Marzano, but you can also prepare it with other varieties for different tastes: try the datterini for example, for a delicate and sweet passata.

Video: Tomato Puree recipe. Tomato Sause Commercial. Homemade Tomato Puree. By BaBa Food Chef Rizwan (May 2021).