Snail slime: properties and use

Not everyone knows that snail slime is a substance with multiple beneficial properties, in particular it is very useful for taking care of the skin.

The silver secretions that snails produce as they pass have extraordinary applications in the field of cosmetics. It is a real miracle of nature: a 100% natural substance that exceeds in effectiveness many chemical cosmetics synthesized in the laboratory. The cosmetic use of snail slime is a rapidly expanding sector, which makes heliculture a very interesting field among the possible income-producing agricultural activities.

We have already told how to collect drool in breeding, now let's discover together the beneficial properties of this substance and its possible uses in cosmetics.

Cosmetic use of the burr

The secretion of snails has a broad-spectrum cosmetic use, in particular it is useful against wrinkles, skin spots, stretch marks and scars. It is also used as an adjuvant for the treatment of acne and warts. This product is totally natural and can be used by everyone: pregnant women, elderly people, babies: it has no contraindications. The antioxidants contained in the slime act by slowing down the aging process, counteracting free radicals. Snail mucus contains a series of substances capable of moisturizing and nourishing the skin, keeping it supple and radiant.

How to use the burr

Snail slime is the main ingredient of many cosmetics, but it can also be used directly pure with enormous benefits, putting it directly on the face or on areas of the body that have imperfections. The fundamental rule for obtaining the desired and promised effects is definitely the constancy of use: results can be seen with the continuous application of the burr or the products that contain it for at least two months.

Choosing a good product

In choosing the cosmetic it is necessary to verify that the product has a good content of burr, the quantity of substance makes the qualitative difference. The snail company La Snaaca di Ambra Cantoni, in addition to breeding snails, has developed the production of slime and derived cosmetic products. The cosmetic line focuses on quality, due precisely to the high concentration of the substance, which reaches up to 100% in pure serums. In any case, these are natural cosmetics, which do not contain preservatives, paraffins, GMOs, parabens, synthetic perfumes or other substances harmful to the skin.

The properties of snail slime

This natural substance owes its extraordinary cosmetic qualities to the substances it contains, let's see which are the main ones.

  • Collagen. It is a protein that is important for skin tissues. It works by hydrating and helping the cell regeneration process.
  • Allantoin. A very important urea substance for the transport of nitrogen in the body and for the repair of cellular tissues. Usually it is produced in the laboratory, with the burr it is obtained in a natural way.
  • Glycolic acid. It presides over cell renewal, which allows for a toned and luminous skin. It acts with a peeling effect in the elimination of dead cells.
  • Elastin. Protein that brings elasticity of the epidermal tissue.

In addition to these four elements, the slime contains a series of proteins useful for oxygenating and moisturizing the skin, natural antibiotic substances that stem the multiplication of bacteria and disinfect, various vitamins (E, C, A) useful for combating inflammation and accelerating scarring and peptides, important in protecting the skin from the cold. All this contributes to making snail slime one of the most effective natural cosmetics.

Article written by Matteo Cereda with the technical contribution of Ambra Cantoni, by La Lumaca, expert in heliciculture.

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