Where to buy breeding snails

Hi Stefano

If you want to start breeding snails it is important to choose good breeders to start from. You could also collect snails in the countryside, but if you choose selected specimens you will have significantly better results in terms of quality and productivity, so I recommend that you buy breeding stock from a helicopter company.

I would like to point out the company La Snaaca di Ambra Cantoni (please contact them by writing to [email protected], you can tell them that you have had contact through Orto Da Coltivare), they have over twenty years of experience in breeding and in addition to supplying you with the breeders I think they can also give you some good advice.

How many breeders to buy

The quantity is generally calculated between 15 and 18 specimens per square meter, obviously how many breeding snails to buy depends on the size of your enclosure, which I do not know, but it is a fairly simple calculation.

Which breed to choose

You have to choose the type of snail to breed, there are different species of snail, each with peculiar characteristics. I recommend that you opt for the Helix Aspersa which is a classic among helicopters. It is a renowned snail from a gastronomic point of view, but also very simple to breed and quick to reproduce.

I hope I have been useful to you, I wish you to start your breeding in the best possible way. A greeting!

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