Optimal conditions for growing basil in the north

Hi Marina

The basil it is an annual cycle plant, it is sown in spring and resists until the cold arrives. It is a plant that fears low temperatures, so the place of cultivation must not be very cold. In Veneto you can safely cultivate this aromatic herb, sowing it after winter, just be sure that the temperatures do not drop too much even at night, below 10 degrees the plant can die.

How to keep basil in the north

Generally sowing basil in the cold months should be done in a protected seedbed e transplant later the plant already developed in the garden.

Another important climatic condition is a lot of sun: it should not be grown in shady areas, if you want it to grow on a windowsill or balcony, it is better to have a southern exposure.

From the point of view of the terrain it serves a soil that keeps the humidity well: this aromatic, if it feels drought, immediately manifests conditions of suffering, with the leaves collapsing. It is also necessary avoid water stagnation, therefore, if it is grown in pots, it is better to prepare a draining base (gravel or expanded clay). The soil must be rich enough in organic matter, it is optimal to mix the humus with the earth, you can also use compost or mature manure.

You can read some more information on the guide to the cultivation of basil from Orto Da Coltivare, I hope I was useful, a greeting and good crops!

Video: How to Grow Basil (May 2021).