In what moon the beans are sown

Hello Marco,

if you want to follow the moon phase you have to sow i beans in the crescent moon, or when you see the shape of a half moon in the sky with the hump to the west.

How come sowing growing

The crescent moon is referred to as a positive influence for everything above the ground, therefore it is believed that it favors the vegetative part of the plant (development of stem, branches, leaves, fruits).

For this reason better to sow beans in the growing moon, keep in mind that the rule also applies to all other plants of the legume family, sowing on a crescent moon therefore also for chickpeas, lentils, green beans, peas and broad beans.

According to many, following the moon as per peasant tradition should actually have an effect on the germination and subsequent growth of the plant. It seems fair to specify that there is no scientific proof. To tell the truth, I don't look at the moon because the time to devote to the garden is never enough, therefore I sow when I have time to. If you want to follow the moon, the calendar with the current moon phases will be useful.

I hope I was useful to you, a greeting and good cultivation!

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