Fertilization for the organic garden: Natural-Mind

Our readers often ask us how to fertilize the garden while avoiding chemicals, the answers are many. In addition to the classic organic fertilizers (humus, compost, manure) there are specific products, specially made with natural raw materials and compatible with organic cultivation, which can give excellent results in terms of harvest.

We present you Of course, an interesting Tuscan company specializing precisely in products for fertilization and for the prevention of fungal diseases in organic farming. We had the opportunity to experiment with great satisfaction two of their products, Naturalcupro and Ares 6-5-5, which we will talk about below. If you look on their online catalog you will also find several other proposals.

Ares 6-5-5

Ares is a pelleted fertilizer composed of a mixture of organic and mineral substances that provide complete nutrition, providing the macro and microelements necessary for vegetables. Its peculiarity is to activate the soil microbiologically and to ensure a nutritional balance thanks to the different types of organic amino nitrogen present in the preparation. It is excellent for all crops, from acidophilic to demanding in calcium and magnesium. The biological activation it causes is particularly valuable in the case of heavily exploited land that must be reactivated. In the vegetable garden it is used by hoeing it in the ground, in a dose of 1/2 kg per 10 square meters, while in pots, 3 grams are mixed for a liter of soil every 3-4 months. Ares can also be mixed with manure (1 part of Ares for two of manure).


It is a product designed to fight against attacks by fungi and bacteria while protecting plants. The product is a mixture of copper chelate with amino acids and other plant extracts rich in flavonoids, it provides excellent radical defense against the main fungal diseases such as fusarium, rhizoctonia and Phitium. In addition to prevention, Naturalcupro increases cell metabolism by strengthening the tissues of the treated plant and strengthening it. Against powdery mildew, Naturalcupro can be mixed with colloidal sulfur and Naturalbio. It is recommended to use 20-30 grams of Naturalcupro every 10 square meters of garden, distributing it with fertigation (i.e. pouring the product into the watering can or into the treatment pump).

Other Natural-Mente products

For the vegetable garden we also point out the Biomicocare for the leaf fungicide defense, the Naturalcalcio and the Naturalbio for fertigation.

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