Sustainable viticulture and organic wine

The philosophy of sustainable viticulture it has its roots in the earth, which must be kept fertile and healthy, produces tasty fruit and free of pollutants in order to be healthy for operators in the sector and final consumers.

Organic wine

When it comes to organic wine we mainly refer to the agricultural practices used for the cultivation of grapes, before the winemaking process that will transform the grapes into wine.

Legally organic wine has its own identity characterized by very specific traits that have nothing to do with taste but with its production; in fact, right from the start, in order to aspire to the title of "organic" wine, it must follow EU regulations.

Since 2007, regulations have been drawn up such as EC N ° 834/07 and EC N ° 889/08 to indicate an agronomic path to be given to the vineyards for the production of grapes from organic farming.

In 2012, however, the European Community focused on the more strictly enological aspects and winemaking by drawing up its own regulation aimed at wines that will finally be able to receive the label of "certified organic wine": thus with the CE N ° 203/12 2012 the definition of organic wine becomes legal and defined by precise and community regulations.

In compliance with these statutes, organic wine is produced from grapes of certified organic agriculture treated without herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and with precise quantities of copper and sulfur as pesticides. The limits on the use of additives are also very strict, which in turn must be organic and certified. The producer must also be virtuous also towards the soil which must be kept fertile according to the techniques and philosophy ofsustainable agriculture such as crop rotation and green manure.


Just enter a supermarket and look at the space that is dedicated to organic products by large retailers, to get an idea of ​​how the organic sector is growing rapidly in Italy and the data prove it. In 2015, in the face of a completely stalled food market, the organic sector recorded increases of 20%.

The same development can also be seen in the online sites of the sector that dedicate specific areas for organic wines; for example among the big names in online wine sales, Xtrawine offers a wide selection of organic wines with hundreds of items available.

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